Intra North Harbour

Intra is a world leading provider of image-guided healthcare.  Having signed up to a tenancy in a new building on the Southern Cross's Wairau Road campus, Intra came to Klein with a vision to develop a unprecedented interventional suite for both patients and staff.   

The project is a highly successful collaboration between Klein (Architect) and Paterson Architecture Collective (Interior Designer).  To accommodate over 490m² of scheduled space into a 430m² tenancy the project demanded innovative design problem solving along with an intricate knowledge of the client's workflow, while maintaining good health planning principles.  The key design principle was the patient experience, aligning with Intra's philosophy of being clean, precise & proven.

As technology rapidly develops in recent years, medical procedures are becoming less invasive.  This shortens average recovery time and more often than not at Intra, patients are able to walk out of the theatre immediately after a procedure.  This encouraged us to rethink the design of the recovery spaces.  Instead of isolated recovery cubicles, Intra patients would find themselves in a rejuvenating lounge with Scandinavian furniture and beautiful view of Rangitoto Island, while the Intra staff are able to tend to the patients from the organically-designed hub nearby.

The Angiography Laboratory has been carefully crafted to welcome the patient into a clean, calming and friendly experience. The 'live night sky' ceiling, for instance, twinkles subtly during a procedure, putting the patient at ease.  It is the first of its kind in the world and is set among some of the latest medical imaging technology available.

Both the front of house and back of house areas have had the same attention to details.  Intra values their staff as much as their patients and want to provide them with the best possible environment to perform their work.  The sculptural form of the reception and nurse hub provide a unique focus as one first enters the clinic. The Anegre timber veneer ribbon forms an anchor point for the clinic and guides one through the spaces.

The bed head panels are custom routed with a 3D chevron design which mimics tile patterns used throughout the clinic.  The privacy curtains possess a richness one would expect in a domestic environment.  Staff spaces embrace darker blue tones and are balanced by the birch timber cabinetry and accents of bright yellows and oranges.

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North Harbour, Auckland

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