Shortland Health Clinic

Klein — Private Healthcare

Small in size, but huge in stature. This captivating GP clinic in downtown CBD Auckland explores a number of exciting design ideas. Fresh and forward-thinking, it reimagines the way patients and doctors engage with healthcare facilities.

From the moment you step in, it’s clear Shortland Health is not your typical practice. A first of its kind in Australasia, the clinic has adopted a ‘concierge’ approach to healthcare, where patients opt for a subscription-based service, offering on-demand health services. This model allows doctors to take on fewer patients but see them more frequently, resulting in richer relationships and better long-term health outcomes.

In keeping with this innovative and highly personal healthcare philosophy, our design solution reflects a distinctly different, premium and more intimate experience. Forgoing the ordinary waiting room, patients arrive in the lounge to be greeted by concierge staff and offered refreshments. Featuring a brass-topped leaner and lush green wall, this welcoming space encourages patients to relax and feel at ease for their appointments. The calming, comforting design continues throughout the clinic with curving timber walls and sculptural arches, complemented with luxurious soft furnishings.

Reaffirming a departure with convention, clinic rooms are carefully configured to feel like the patient’s domain. Doctors and medical staff are mobile, so you won’t find stark, cluttered desks. Instead, furniture is casually arranged to invite conversation between doctor and patient, in a non-pressured setting.

Despite its unique approach, Shortland Health delivers all the technical requirements of a clinical environment – including GP services, physiotherapy, lab test facilities, onsite pharmacy and much more.


Omni Health


Shortland Street, Auckland


2017 - 2018

Construction Value

$500,000 - $1,000,000

Project Type

Private Healthcare


2019 NZIA Auckland Architecture Awards - Winner - Interior Architecture

2018 Best Awards - Gold - Healthcare

2018 Interior Awards - Finalist - Retail




Calm and comfortable. Shortland Health seeks to put the patient emotionally and physically at ease with natural materials, greenery, flowing features and soft furnishings.


Designed to encourage open, personal interactions with medical staff, the clinic provides a warm, friendly and welcoming environment that makes patients feel special.


By reimagining the traditional medical practice, the design blends modern facilities with an enhanced patient focus to create better and longer-term health outcomes.


Beyond eco-friendly design principles, Shortland Health Clinic works to optimise the wellbeing of patients as well as creating a nourishing work environment for staff members.


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