20 February 2023

Klein - State of the Nation - Team Building 2023

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Get ready for some serious fun! The Klein team recently embarked on a thrilling team-building adventure in Raglan that was packed with exciting activities and unforgettable moments. Our journey kicked off with Raglan Rock Adventure Co, where we were transported deep into the wilderness and taught some essential survival skills. We learned how to build a cozy bivouac, master navigation skills, and even climb trees like true adventurers! But that's not all, we also got to indulge in the ultimate campfire treat - toasted marshmallows!

The next day was just as epic as we split into two groups. One group began their day with a refreshing and rejuvenating yoga session, while the other half suited up and headed out to conquer the waves with Green Wave Raglan Surf School. The surfers had a blast catching some gnarly waves and feeling the ocean's power, while the yogis found their zen and stretched out their bodies. And of course, we made time for some important company updates and a team discussion because we know that our team is the most important thing.

To wrap up our incredible journey, we made a pitstop at Hampton Downs on our way back to Auckland. Our team had an amazing time bonding, exploring, and pushing ourselves to new heights. We're more united than ever and can't wait to take on new challenges as a team!

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