Daniel Barrington

Klein — Principal

    Daniel brings his experience of commercial and technical realities together with creative design and a sensitivity to user and client experience. He provides invaluable leadership and resource across the Klein practice.

    Daniel’s first appointments in the U.K. & New Zealand, was working on a variety of projects with a diverse range of working clients. Working closely with private clients, schools staff and social groups in these formative years instilled an appreciation for user focused design integration, communication and solutions. His small practice experience has developed a detailed understanding of the full sphere of architectural services and delivery.

    At Klein Daniel turned his design and delivery skills to the health care and aged care sectors. Widening his involvement to design team and project management has enabled a greater understanding to the needs of commercial clients in the New Zealand construction environment. Working with Southern Cross Hospitals on site developments across the Auckland region Daniel has been the key project design team and management member. Requiring a deep knowledge of the facilities, staff and client requirements and driving the process from concept right through to completion has been key to the success of these projects.

    With a deep involvement in the fit out of Forte Health in Christchurch (the first Green star healthcare facility in the country) Daniel used his design skills to produce a first-class environment for staff and patients. On Waitakere Hospital Emergency Department Daniel developed his health care design and design team management on a larger scale.

    Daniel has returned to Klein recently after a brief hiatus working on schools across the Auckland region. Delivering project management and architectural services for the Ministry of Education Daniel experienced the rigour of engaging with a large government department whilst delivering tailored solutions for unique school clients. This experience will prove invaluable for the Klein client base and project portfolio. Using his experience of commercial and technical realities along with a sensitivity to user and client experience Daniel provides valuable resource across the practise at Klein.

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