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In early 2020 Klein Architects celebrated the completion of another boutique medical fitout in Auckland - Re-centre. This project continues Klein’s wellness in design ethos, further exploring with our clients holistic ways of delivering high quality healthcare and improving New Zealander’s health outcomes through good design.

Tapping into an under-explored part of the mental health system in this country, Evolution Healthcare and Acurity Health Group joined forces to envision a private mental health clinic that does not fit into any traditional mould, offering an alternative to the much dreaded psychiatrist visit.

With the company value focusing on excellence, compassion and optimism, the client adopts a model of care which is high tech and professional, but delivered in a casual and friendly manner.

This is reflected in the spatial arrangement and design of the clinic - swapping rigid waiting room chairs with stylish domestic furnishing; hard lines with gentle curves and soft planting, customers have a choice of three discrete waiting zones after signing in digitally; or they may like to wander through to the cafe area or planted conservatory and help themselves to a beverage, while waiting for their therapy session. The idea of choice and comfort is the key here - by putting people at ease through environmental cues, they can let go of their apprehension and worries, setting the scene for frank and meaningful exchange.

The centre houses calming and beautiful spaces for a wide range of therapy services such as individual sessions, courses/group workshops, complementary therapies for mindfulness such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy, as well as transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Evolution Healthcare, Acurity Health


Nicholls Lane, Parnell, Auckland



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Private Healthcare

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