Auckland City Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Ward

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Auckland City Hospital provides expanded capacity for the Haemotology and Blood Service with a new 30 bed inpatient ward.  

The majority of the ward has  single bed rooms and the entire unit is positive pressure creating a best practice environment for these patients whom are often immuno -compromised and need protection from “ outside bugs”

The long stay nature of these patients and family whanau requirements have been supported in the design with options for social interaction and wellness within the unit.

 Key Features:

  • All single rooms capable of transplant procedures 
  • Wellness /multipurpose therapy room for education and rehabilitation
  • Family support zones with a dedicated Whanau lounge and kitchen area
  • Two distributed nurse and support zones for staff efficiency 
  • Ward support including reception, procedure and meeting rooms support the wider Haemotology and Blood  service and after hours outpatient consultations 
  • Entire unit is positive pressure in different gradients compared to the rest of the hospital
  • Use of vibrant super-graphics in a Coastal, Bush and Alpine theme enhance the surroundings